A nuclear explosion on Anglesey

Wylfa Nuclear Power StationGood news for Anglesey, as well as for its AM, in one of today’s papers.

We all know that the economic future of the island revolves around its large aluminium works near Holyhead – and that this in turn revolves around the nuclear power which provides the enormous amount of electricity that is required.

Currently, that power comes from nearby Wylfa, which is due to close around 2011.

The sentence in The Independent stated that Electricite de France, the state-owned power group, has bought plots of land next to the present reactors at Wylfa and Hinkley Point, Somerset.

EdF is the only remaining bidder for British Energy, the sole operator of the UK’s nuclear plants which London is currently selling off; the company has apparently bought the site just in case it lose the bidding for the entire company – it can hardly be called a war, as everyone else has pulled out – and wants to build its own.

Forget the industrial politics. This is just the sort of news which Anglesey needs.

It also lets Ieuan Wyn Jones off the political hook (or noose) which has been erected by left-wingers in his own party. We all know IWJ is pro-nuclear – for the good of both the island and of his own political health.

Now that EdF have shown a big interest, it helps let Ieuan off the hook with his own party. If you want to take a Nationalist line, it could be said a French reactor would prove much healthier than an English one !

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