Convention clatters towards a referendum

Wales started out today on the next stage towards an acceptable devolution settlement with a bid to recruit members of the Welsh “clattering” classes to become one of the 17 members of the All Wales Convention which is to chart the way forward.

Everyone knows that not many people will want to work for a year-or-so more or less full time listening to and assessing evidence from all and sundry in Wales so the convention can advise the Welsh government whether it should ask London to be allowed to call a referendum on the issue.

After that mouthful of a sentence, you can quite expect that only members of the “chattering classes” (ie. you and me) would want to take up unpaid seats to do almost the same work as the Richardson Commission completed in 2004.

But both First Minister Rhodri Morgan and Plaid deputy Ieuan Wyn Jones emphasised that they don’t want the commission filled with the “usual suspects”.

Member of the clattering classes?Mr Morgan said he would instead like to see appointed to the commission “members of the clattering classes” – the 8,000 Welsh people who went to Las Vegas to see Joe Calzaghe win.

It sounded lovely … until Mr Morgan suddenly saw it might not be a good idea to continue about these “clattering classes” !

The problem, of course, is finding a sportsman whose “clatter” can equal the “chatter” of Llandaff and Llanerchymedd (a suitably rural-sounding community in the far-Gog). But it is such folk who will have the last word – when the votes are cast in that referendum.

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