Assembly puts its money behind real ale

It’s good to know that the Assembly government is putting both its name and its money behind good beer.

No surprise after Rhodri Morgan’s address to the CAMRA UK annual general meeting in Cardiff this month.

But which ministry is putting cash into the Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival at its new venue of the CRI, Cardiff on June 12 -14 (Thursday to Saturday) ? Economic development, tourism or even health.

Some CAMRA speakers had gone as far as to suggest that real ale is a solution to binge-drinking, on the grounds that CAMRA members never binge-drink, and beer in moderation is good for health !

Judging by civil servants’ inability to answer which ministry is paying, there must by a little face-saving involved. Maybe it’s health. Judging by the number of G and Ts that surgeons are said to knock back, a bit of alcohol would seem to do you good !

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