Sex continues in the Senedd

It’s difficult to know what Lord Elis-Thomas, defender of the Assembly and former university lecturer in modern Welsh literature, really made of this week’s row over the Senedd sex scene which a Llanelli TV company won “permission” to film in Lord Rogers’s new building.

It was supposed to be a scene of dialogue. You can imagine the script – “Give me it again,” and [censored].

Tonight’s episode of Caerdydd was almost as bad – actor makes as if he expects a kiss (and more?), and woman replies, “I haven’t got the time.”

Sorry about the English, but the sub-titles appear even before the words are mouthed in Welsh, so the first (?) language gets precedence in this piece.

It wasn’t clear where tonight’s scene was filmed. A buxom young secretary alleviates her boredom by, first kissing the screen on a photostat machine while her elderly and boring boss ignores her in the background, and then more daringly hitches up her jumper and copies her boobs onto the machine.

One only hopes she hit the A3 rather than the A4 button. Even better if she had used one of the A0 machines owned only by the National Library and a few architects and builders’ practices

The story got into The Independent – even though they should have asked their (non-existent stringer, or even PA, whose reporter works next-door to me and is a Welsh-speaker) how to spell National Assembly in Welsh). In this top-turvy news world we experience today, I suppose that is a big Assembly success.

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