Badger Trust’s blind alley

Assembly folk reckon the Badger Trust is wasting its time trying to judicially challenge minister Elin Jones over her proposed badger cull in one of the disease hot spots.

A senior Assembly Member closely linked to the issue said, “The government’s position is very soundly based, particularly because a cull would be only one of a number of means to be adopted to try and curb the rapid growth of bovine TB.

“The trust’s aims seems simply to be to put a shot over the bows of Defra, the English ministry. Because the political balance of power is different in England, a legal action might cause English ministers to defer – once again – taking similar action on the other side of Offa’s Dyke.”

In Wales, the badgers can call on only one solid supporter who believes that the creature can do no wrong; that’s Lorraine Barrett, Labour, Cardiff South and Penarth. Even fellow Labour urbanite Irene James (Islwyn) took care to say how good Welsh farmers were before she launched her opposition to a cull.

As Labour is no friend of farmers, that can only mean that elements in that party have at last realised just how strong the farming lobby is in Wales and in particular at the Assembly.

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