Just who is lousy ?

Mike German, of the “lousy Libs”, hit back at Labour’s local elections political broadcast of a day or so ago by pointing out it epitomised precisely why people think so little of politicians.

The line about “lousy Libs” was repeated throughout the broadcast as it laid into Lib Dem allegedly poor leadership and stewardship of Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend and Wrexham.

Much play was made of the cost of using Swansea’s rebuilt Leisure Centre beside the new harbour front museum. I never saw the broadcast, but I bet it never said anything about the centre having to be suddenly closed on safety grounds because of the previous council’s administration appalling stewardship.

And who ran the previous administration? Surely it couldn’t have been Labour ?

On entry charges, Mike German told his weekly press briefing that the charge was higher at the Afan Lido in Neath Port Talbot. And who runs NPT ? Labour ?

Wrexham was slated for hiring more-effective PCSOs, which have cut crime by 34 pc because of their extra powers, than community wardens. Yet who has appointed them in Torfaen ? Surely not Labour ?

The Lib Dems slammed Labour over their “wholly negative” broadcast. Of course, they would say that. But the attack was filmed more likely because the Lib Dems were seen as dangerous, rather than because they were seen as “easy opponents”, as Mr German rather disingenuously claimed.

Plaid were quietly pleased that the wounded Rottweiler of Transport House had taken his teeth in another direction; they were openly critical of the attack-dog’s methods and the style of old-style filming used. “Amateurish,” said one nationalist.

In truth, this will surely be the election when the Lib Dems consolidate themselves in all four councils where they currently fly high, add Newport to that list, and gain or regain significant status in Ceredigion, Conwy, Flintshire, Powys and even Gwynedd.

One thought on “Just who is lousy ?

  1. They are struggling in Ceredigion and are relying on students to fill gaps in critical seats. They may also have to rely on a coalition partner in Cardiff to stay in power.

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