King Rhodri of Dinas Powys

Real kings are proclaimed by the people, rather than announced by proclamation and heralded by trumpeters.

So it is in Wales. Rhodri Morgan told Camra (the real-ale society) AGM in Cardiff about the effusive welcome he received in a Cardiff Bay pub (the White Hart, which is hardly one where Seneddwyr imbibe) after he took over as First MInister from Alun Michael.

This chap, apparently from a gypsy drinking party (!), grabbed Rhodri as he came in and serenaded (if not carried!) him around the bar, congratulating him on his election as “King of Wales”.

Should go down well in Rhodri’s canvassing for the local elections in valley-top estates.

In truth it shows what the Assembly is quietly achieving, even if it has taken more than 800 years. Owain Gwynedd (died 1170) was the last to assume the title “rex”. After that, the apex-title was merely “prince”.

Mind you, if Rhodri really becomes King Rhodri, there’ll be no further need to send new Assembly Measures up to Windsor for Frau Saxa-Coburg-Gotha to sign them. Lord Elis-Thomas can simply whip them up the fifth floor for His Royal Highness to do the work.

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